Hey there!  We’re excited you want to learn more about us and why we chose to start EXTRA HAIR EXTENSIONS.  Well, we still own and operate high end hair salons @salon-shag and have been in the hair game for over 14 years now, so naturally creating our own distinct brand with our own twist on colors and styles was the next logical move.  We still have a beat on what’s hot and what’s not and we’re continually developing new colors and concepts. 

Before even selling a single product we put over two years of research and development into our brand and product lineup, then we followed that up with a round of testing, went back to the drawing board, which was followed by more testing.  You get the point! 

EXTRA HAIR EXTENSIONS is the Ferrari of hair, we cut no corners on quality, packaging or price. At EXTRA we test all of our hair on a microscopic level and regularly conduct site inspection visits overseas to maintain perfect and consistent quality. You can rest easy knowing you have the best possible hair on the market.  This is our promise to you.

Want to learn from the pros?  Check out our hands-on extra certification program, there you’ll find upcoming class dates where Diana & Connie will certify you in the EXTRA Bead-In Method® with our exclusive Flat Bonded Weft® extensions.  Oh, and as a bonus we'll teach you how to cut like a pro with our Hair Tailoring® educational course.  Not to shabby.

We look forward to working with you!

Love ya <3 – Diana & Connie

Now, what is the importance of “cuticle” remy hair?  And why is it HANDS DOWN the best?  Most consumers don’t know the differences between grades of hair extensions.  It can get really confusing!  So let’s take a quick minute to go over the three main types and how EXTRA has your back.


There are three main types (grades) of hair extensions: non-remy hair, remy hair & cuticle remy hair.  Non-remy hair is silky smooth and is often made from a synthetic (non-human) material.  Non-remy hair is only good for 1-2 months before it becomes a tangled rats nest and needs replacement.  Remy hair (remy stands for human hair) is also silky smooth but is sometimes processed in an acid bath to remove the cuticles.  It is necessary to remove cuticles when the direction of the hair gets mixed up. With proper care this can last 3-4 months before needing replacement.  Because the cuticle is removed “remy hair” is thinner than “cuticle remy hair”.

Here at EXTRA we go the EXTRA mile to ensure your hair is the best quality available which is why we are proud to only carry CUTICLE REMY hair.  This is the highest grade of hair with no chemical processing done to remove the cuticles.  Our Cuticle Remy Hair is silky smooth from the root to the tip because all the original hair cuticles are preserved and running in the same direction.  EXTRA Cuticle Remy Hair can last six months to one year with proper care.


We worry so you don’t have to!  Your satisfaction, HAPPINESS, and return business are important to us, which is why we travel around the globe to visually inspect the source and manufacturing process of your hair in person.  We only work with honest manufacturers that are continuously consistent and uphold their production process to the highest standards.


It is strongly recommended that EXTRA hair should only be installed by a professionally-licensed cosmetologist.

Interested in LEARNING how to install EXTRA hair?  Great, check out our education section.  After becoming certified with EXTRA, you’ll be eligible for great offers and INCENTIVES.