EXTRA | Hair Care Tips

You just made a great purchase, but without proper treatment your extensions could damage easily. So listen carefully and follow our 5 recommendations for EXTRA happy hair.

I - BRUSH before washing. It’s important to gently remove any and all tangles.

II - WASH with moisturizing hair care products. Thoroughly scrub your scalp but avoid rubbing the ends of your extension hair together while washing. Keep in mind that your hair won’t get natural oils from your scalp so keep it moisturized! Condition from mid shaft to ends but never at the bond.

III - DEEP CONDITION at least once a week with a leave-in conditioner for at least 15-25 minutes before rinsing. Sleeping with it in your hair while wearing a shower cap is also a method preferred by some. After rinsing out your deep conditioner allow time for your hair to air dry.

IV - AVOID HEAT Hair extensions are sensitive to heat, so it’s important to minimize blow drying as much as possible. When using a dryer it’s recommended to set it on a cool setting.

In addition to the basic care guide above we recommend washing your hair as little as possible, every 2-3 days. Drying out your extensions from too much shampooing is a real threat.

Hard water isn’t good on extensions; avoid it if possible. Coloring, perming or using a chemical treatment on your extensions also is not recommended.

Plan on swimming in a pool or ocean? Well, the bad news is chlorine and salt water are hard on extensions and can often change the tone of your color, damage hair shafts and more. We recommend avoiding these water sources by pulling up your hair into a bun. Should you swim in a pool or ocean, immediately wash and deep condition to avoid your hair from drying out.

Follow the above advice to keep your EXTRA hair looking fantastic! Questions that we didn’t answer? We’re ready to help, just email us at info@extra-hair.com

Depending on how fast your hair grows, a move-up is typically required anywhere from five to eight weeks from your initial application.